WellLine is the world’s first knowledge graph for wells. This industry-first innovation establishes and enriches asset timelines, which enables oil and gas companies to create a powerful digital knowledge layer for wells.
WellLine focuses on empowering users to easily access knowledge related to operating wells. It does this by organizing and indexing data around common well concepts such as: equipment, vendors, well activities, drilling problems, health and environmental safety events, incidents, documents and more.
WellLine allows you to see all of the events in a timeline regardless of where the data is stored. WellLine has the ability to extract events from data, present them on a timeline, and connect them all together through common entities and concepts.
Documentation for WellLine is not only contained within this guide: it can be found in helpful video walkthroughs, within our API, and even within templates built to help with data processing.
For more information see our 'Other Resources' page, or visit our website.

The Building Blocks of WellLine

Dynamic Searchable Timeline

See all of the significant events across an asset's history on a common timeline comprised of data across multiple source systems.

Event Extraction and Classification

Extract and classify significant events from drilling comments, structured data sources documents, and sensors.

Entity Extraction

Augment events with entities provided by structured data sources and mined automatically from unstructured data sources.


See how all of the entities (assets, people, equipment, etc.) in the graph are connected to one another.

Natural Language Generation (NLG)

Our natural language generation (NLG) processes act like translators that convert technical data stored in databases in to human readable events that describe what happened.

Extensibility /API

Leverage our API and the data relationships available in WellLine, to develop your own event and entity extractors. Build your own custom solutions on our micro-service framework.
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