Transformed Data Upload
Once data conforms to the WellLine data model, it can be uploaded to a tenant in the application.
There are two ways to upload data to the WellLine TimeLine Service (which supplies the WellLine Knowledge Application with data):
Command Line Interface (CLI)
TimeLine Service GraphQL API
The WellLine Command Line Interface (CLI) tool allows for:
  • Event and entity data upload
  • Tenant creation and deletion
  • Various metadata file uploads
The TimeLine Service API uses GraphQL and is accessible as a both a traditional GraphQL endpoint and through the "playground" interface included in every WellLine deployment.
For a full list of CLI commands, see our full CLI documentation.

Dataset Install

While CLI commands can be executed to upload individual files or folders, there is also the option to execute a dataset install command, which takes a predefined structure of folders and uploads them in a sequence. The result of the dataset install command is a fully-populated tenant.
For more details on this command, see: CLI - command: dataset.
Once the command is completed, the tenant specified (with parameter --tid) will have all uploaded data, accessible through the WellLine TimeLine Service and Knowledge Application.
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