Details of WellLine's tenancy setup and how it affects user interaction.

Tenant Structure and Permissions

From the WellLine Home page, you are prompted to choose a tenant to work within. The tenant you select consists of a specific set of data, and that data can come from numerous sources. You will only see tenants displayed on this page for which you have been granted 'read' permissions.
Note: Clicking into a tenant from this page, will display data related only to that tenant, until/unless you return to the Home screen and switch tenants. Features like favorites and recent search terms will not carry over between tenants.
  • If you have 'read' permissions to a tenant, you can view all data within the tenant, through the WellLine interface and TimeLine Service including Playground environment
  • If you have 'editor' permissions to a tenant, you can upload data to the tenant through the WellLine CLI and TimeLine Service, and you can edit event data from within the EventStream cards in the WellLine interface.
Tenants are configured to be bound by Role-Based Access (RBAC), meaning that permission to one tenant apply to only that tenant and that each tenant is independent from all other tenants within WellLine.