Installation and Configuration

Instructions for installing WellLine on Kubernetes


This document describes the installation and configuration of WellLine on a Kubernetes cluster and the configuration of Active Directory so that WellLine can use it for authentication and authorization of users.

Although this document details the software and infrastructure prerequisites needed to undertake the WellLine installation, it does not provide detailed instructions on how to setup and configure these software and infrastructure components.

The unique policies, processes, technologies, security model, network topology, and infrastructure present in each organization make it impossible to provide complete end-to-end setup instructions that will work effectively across so many different environments.

Instead we assume that given sufficiently detailed descriptions of the WellLine requirements, a customer's IT department or Systems Integrator will fulfill the prerequisites and then be able to follow the relatively simple instructions provided in this document to complete the WellLine installation.


Installing WellLine involves the following high-level phases:

  1. Plan the WellLine environment, covering things such as:

    1. Sizing

    2. Security

    3. Resilience

  2. Provision infrastructure prerequisites, including:

    1. Kubernetes

    2. Elasticsearch

    3. Azure Active Directory or Windows Active Directory with ADFS

  3. Install and configure the WellLine software, including:

    1. Active Directory configuration

    2. Deploying WellLine components