Uninstalling WellLine
Instructions for how to uninstall WellLine
Use the TimeLine Service CLI to delete all tenants in the environment. This will permanently remove all indexes used by those tenants from the elastic cluster and delete all the data.
This is irreversible. If you do this accidentally, you will need to recover the indexes from an Elastic Cluster snapshot or backup depending on how your Elastic cluster is configured and managed. You will need to talk to whoever manages your Elastic Cluster.
Delete the DNS Entries that point to the WellLine environment, there will be two or three depending on your configuration:
  • A DNS entry for the WellLine App
  • A DNS entry for the TimeLine Service
  • A DNS entry for the ADFSAuth Service (if you are authenticating against AD/ADFS)
Delete any Azure Active Directory Groups that you use to assign users to WellLine Roles that you no longer need.
Delete the AKS SP in Azure Active Directory App registration
Delete the Azure Active Directory WellLine App (this also deletes the associated AAD Enterprise App and Role Mappings)
Delete the Azure Resource Group that contains all the WellLine Resources (deletes all the contained resources)
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