Other Resources

Additional resources for learning about WellLine.

Video Walkthroughs

A number of video walkthroughs for the product have been created and are freely available for streaming online.

Product Overview

The "View Demo" button on the WellLine website provides a link to the latest product overview video. This video is updated on a slight delay with the latest release of the product, and is always available here: https://wellline.com/#open-demo

"Day in the Life" Use Case (Oil and Gas Domain)

This video walks through a use case specific to the oil and gas domain. It outlines how a drilling or production engineer could make use of WellLine's various features in their day-to-day tasks.

Day in the Life video

WellLine Website

The WellLine website contains summary information about the various features of the product, along with historical information about the product's ideation and creation.