The product is supported primarily through a chat module (Intercom) built into the product interface and into this documentation:
Click this icon (bottom-right corner of either interface) to launch the chat module
This brings up a dialogue through which a live chat with one of the WellLine support team members will be initiated. If all team members are offline, an email notification will be sent to the team and they will respond via the chat program next-day.
Hours for chatting directly with the product team are general business hours: Mon-Fri, 0900-1800 PDT / UTC-8

Using the chat module

Upon clicking the 'message' icon, the following window (or similar) appears:
The chat program expanded, as of 01/2019
Within this module a user can:
  • Initiate new conversations with a support team member
  • Continue in-progress conversations with a support team member
  • Review completed ('previous') conversations that a support team member has marked as "Complete"

Initiating a new conversation

To start a new conversation, click the "New conversation" button in the chat program and then start typing.
Several options are available to help the support team member address your question:
  • Images can be shared by clicking the paperclip icon
  • WellLine's deep links capture most aspects of the interface, so copy/pasting a URL will take a support team member directly to a specific view (including filters and other selections)
If a support team member cannot address the question, or there is an issue that needs to be escalated (e.g. a bug has been discovered), follow-ups will be performed via e-mail.
If this is the case, the support team member handling the conversation will ask for a convenient e-mail address, and a task will be created for the WellLine product team.

Continue an in-progress conversation

To continue an in-progress conversation, click the conversation in the list at the top:
Click the area above "New conversation" to go to the existing conversation

Review completed conversations

To review a completed conversation--one that has been marked by a support team member as complete/resolved--click the "See all" link at the top. If any conversations have been marked as 'complete', they will appear in a list here:
A conversation that has been marked complete; click the arrow to go back

E-mail Support

While chat is the primary support mechanism, e-mail support is also available by contacting: [email protected]
E-mail can be helpful when:
  • Describing a discovered bug or issue
  • Suggesting an improvement or new feature