Search and Timeline
To get started in WellLine, select the Tenant you want to work in. This will enable the Search page.
Note: At this point, we assume that data has been uploaded to the product.

Search Page

Your journey generally begins with a search. After you select a tenant, the search page appears. From here, simply start to type in something you are interested in searching for. You may search by a specific entity or simply by entering free text.
Search page
Any recent searches you have performed on this tenant will appear as shortcut 'cards' beneath the Search Bar.
Entity Search is powered by entities extracted from events, and takes the form of an autocomplete dropdown. Start typing, and if any string of characters matches a known entity, it will appear; click an entity in the dropdown to see the associated Timeline for your selection.
In the example below, we have searched for "no", then used the scroll bar to find the well "No 15/9 F-12".
Rather than choose an existing entity, you can simply enter any amount of free text into the search bar and hit your 'Enter' key to execute a free text search. The Timeline view will then consist of all events that have unstructured text matching your search.
For instance, the term "fall" as shown below is not an entity term, so no suggestions appear.
Hitting 'Enter' at this point would show a Timeline of any event containing the word "fall".

About the Timeline

After executing your search, WellLine will bring you to a page similar to what is shown below. This is called the Timeline.
Timeline for entity "well.NO 15/9-F-12"
The Timeline consists of the LifeLine plus the TimeSlice. Each component allows you to dive deeper into your data, quickly manipulate your view, and pivot your experience around many varying facets.
Timeline components include:
  • Entity search (upper-left)
  • Text search / Text filter container
  • Enity Filter container
  • "Apply" button (for applying filters)
  • Configure gear icon (only for specific sets of users)
  • Share button
After making a selection from the autocomplete dropdown, the entity's Timeline view appears. This view represents all events which contain the entity.
A single entity in the Entity Search container
Multiple entities can be searched for; the resulting Timeline contains the aggregate of all the selected entities.
To create a Timeline with multiple entities, click the Entity Search container and start to type in another entity of interest. Just like the Search page, an autocomplete dropdown will appear.
The letters "no" with autocomplete suggestions
Once all entities of interest have been added, click "DONE". Then, click "Apply" in the Header area.
There is no limit to the number of entities that can be aggregated in a Timeline view.
When free text is entered on the Search page, the resulting Timeline will be comprised of events that contain exact matches to the entered text. In addition:
  • The text will appear in the "Text Filters" container
  • The blue Entity Search container will read "All Events" in gray text
Timeline resulting from the free text search for "free"