Share a URL

Select the Share icon to share your current URL with others in your organization that have permissions to the current tenant.
The Header panel Share icon copies your current URL
The EventStream panel Share icons copy a URL pointing to the specific event

Sharing with Intent: How to customize a URL and Share a specific view

When you share a URL with another user, the view that you are sharing with them (i.e. what is captured and contained in the URL) can vary greatly depending on how you have customized the view within the following parts of the WellLine Interface. The following aspects of the interface are captured in the URL:
What gets shared in the URL only consists of the content that you have customized in your view (e.g. selecting a particular part of the EventStream, applying a particular filter).
The following are not captured in your shareable URL:
  • Changes made to the interface layout (e.g. resizing)
  • Panels toggled on/off in the interface
  • Measures selected to be shown in the Histogram
  • Searches within the Event Filter or ConnectionViewer