The ConnectionViewer panel shows entities that are connected to events currently selected by the TimeSlice Selector.
Uses include:
  • Summarizing types of entities
  • Gaining quick understandings of the content of your Timeline
  • Adding entity-based filters to your Timeline
  • Quickly change your Timeline to an entity of interest
Fully collapsed ConnectionViewer panel
The number next to each group indicates the number of unique entities within it. For example, in the above screenshot there are 5 unique "MudType" entities, each of which could be connected to one or more events.
Each group within ConnectionViewer can be expanded to reveal the individual entities that make up the group:
"MudType" group expanded to show its 5 individual entities
The number next to each entity is the number of events in which it was found for your current view. For example, "Spud Mud" is connected to 36 events.
Some entities come from structured source data while others come from entity extraction performed by WellLine.
For example, many names of Wells, Rigs, and People come from structured source data, while most Actions, Equipment, and Problem-related entities come from entity extraction.

ConnectionViewer Search

Typing characters into the "Search" text entry field will filter the list of entities. Search performed here is based on exact character matches:
The letters "shut" have filtered the ConnectionViewer list
When this is done, the numbers next to the entity groups will show as "(X/Y)", where 'X' is the number of entities in that group that match the text entered and 'Y' is the total number of unique entities in that group. For example, in the above screenshot 2 out of a possible 19 "Important Action" entities match the search criteria ("shut").
Entity groups are not searched for / filtered by typing in the "Search" field. For example, typing "action" will not return the entity group "Action".

Entity Filtering

Entities can be applied as filters to your Timeline view, just like events (see Event Filters).
Selecting the '+' next to an entity term will add it to the Entity Filters container in the header:
Entity "shut down" from group "Equipment Problem" is being added as a filter
"shut down" has been added as a filter, but filtering has not been applied
Any number of entities can be added to the Entity Filter container, and all of them can be applied at once by clicking "UPDATE & APPLY":
Clicking "UPDATE & APPLY" will apply any filters in the container
In the Entity Filters container, the radial button logic is:
  • All = events must be connected to all of the entities
  • Any = events can be connected to any of the entities
Applying the Entity Filters container filters your entire Timeline view and adds all of the entities to your URL. In this case, "shut down" has been applied and the Timeline view now only shows the 10 events connected to it:
"shut down" entity filter applied to the "well.NO 15/9-F-12" Timeline

Changing the Entity Search from ConnectionViewer

Within the ConnectionViewer, instead of clicking '+' you can also click the entity's name or number to replace your current view with the Timeline of your selection.
For example, instead of clicking the '+' next to "shut down" to add it to the Entity Filters container, clicking the text "shut down" will open a Timeline view of all events connected to the concept of "shut down":
Entity "shut down" from group "Equipment Problem" is being selected as a new Timeline view
The resulting Timeline view for "shut down"
This allows you to quickly and easily orient your view around new entities of interest.