The EventStream panel shows the full details of events (in the form of "event cards") currently selected by the TimeSlice Selector.
Uses include:
  • Seeing full event details
  • Gaining an understand of specific events
  • Orienting your Timeline around an event, in the context of its connected Well entity
  • Editing event details (with appropriate permissions)
Portion of one EventStream page
Clicking a card in the EventStream will:
  • Add it to your URL (see Sharing)
  • Mark it as the "selected" event
  • Cause an indicator line to appear in the LifeLine and Histogram, for the datetime of the event
Areas affected by selecting an event card
The EventStream is paged, with each page containing 10 events. Buttons in the panel will navigate you as follows, left-to-right:
  • Go to first page
  • Back one page
  • Selected event
  • Forward one page
  • Go to last page
Once an event has been selected, clicking the Selected Event icon will take you back to the page where the event occurs.

Well Hyperlinking

The bottom of each event card contains the name of the well (or other well-like subject of the event) which is connected to that event:
This event is connected to Well entity "NO 15/9-F-12"
This button is a hyperlink, and clicking it will take you to a Timeline view of the well, centered in time on the selected event. The event will be marked as the Selected Event in the well's Timeline, and you will be put onto the EventStream page on which the event occurred.
Using the well hyperlink is helpful if you are viewing a non-well Timeline and want to quickly see an event of interest within the context of the well (to see, for example, the events that occurred before and after the event).

EventStream Cards

EventStream cards can be opened to view more of the details about the event. You can do this by selecting the card you wish to view, then selecting the open icon in the top right corner of the card.
Click "Open" to reveal a
When you open an EventStream card, a pop-up window containing all of the event's details will appear:
Example EventStream Card
The table below outlines the various fields that can be available to Read/Edit in EventStream cards. Many of these fields come directly from the WellLine data model.
Content / Text
The text of the event
Summary of the content field, if applicable / available
Importance number allocated for this event
Start date, time, and geolocation of the event
End Date
End date, time, and geolocation of the event
Subject entity ID (e.g. "WELL.NO 15/9-19 S")
Reference entity IDs for this event
Named measures recorded during the event (e.g. depth, production)
Name and Value recorded during the event (e.g. lifecycle, code)
Units and Values recorded during the event
Type of event (e.g. repair, general comment)
Type group of the event (e.g. observation, activity)
Event ID
Individual ID for this event
Batch ID
ID for the batch in which the event was uploaded
External ID
External ID for this event
Created By
Original creator of this event

Editing EventStream Cards

If you have Editor permissions, you also have the ability to directly edit some of the data in EventStream Cards. Editing in this way will write data back to the WellLine infrastructure, so all users who can view the event will see your changes.
To edit an EventStream Card, select the edit icon in the top right corner of the card.
EventStream Card Edit Icon
In the example below, only the fields within the gray-shaded box are editable. To edit any of these fields, select the field and then make your edits, as needed. In the Measures, Properties, and Quantities fields, you can add data by selecting the '+' icon, or delete data by selecting the trashcan icon.
EventStream Card Editing Example
When you are finished with editing the card, select the Save button to save your edits. You may now close the EvenStream card.
Saving Edit to an EventStream Card