The toolbar helps you navigate the WellLine Interface and navigate to this documentation. While the location is static, it can collapse to simple icons to give you more screen real estate. The '>' icon at the top of the toolbar allows you to open and collapse the toolbar as needed.
Toolbar, expanded


The Home Screen allows you to select from individual tenants that are available to you, as set by agreements with WellLine and permissions set by your IT group.
For more information, see the 'Tenant' page.
Home Screen with expanded Toolbar


Once you select a Tenant, access is granted to its Search page. From the search page, you have the option to search by an entity (through an autocomplete dropdown) or by entering free text.
Search page with collapsed Toolbar
Each executed search will appear as a Recent Timeline on the search page.
Read more about the Search Bar.


The Info tab displays your roles in the tenants you have permissions to view, various metadata-like information about the current WellLine deployment, and your user authorization token. This token can be used to interact programmatically with WellLine.
The roles generally available in WellLine are:
  • Reader - this allows you to only read, but not edit, the available data in the tenant
  • Editor - this allows you to read and edit available data in the tenant
Info page, with user-specific and/or sensitive data masked


The Help tab will direct you to this documentation.
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